Thursday, January 29, 2009

!Some Posts With Artwork!

Here we go, I finally post some work. Thanks to a whole bunch of people who have helped get me back in the saddle. I am working on getting a comfort level with my new tablet here, for some darned reason Wacom does not have a compatible driver with my old intuos tablet which saddens me greatly. These are sketches for the main character of a story I have been writing about the Templars.


Chris Scott said...

Dude, lets see some turns and some style sheets by Monday. Hustle!

Enrique Rivera said...

Lookat you drawing and stuff!!! these are cool man. nUMERO 3 WINS for me. Though the right hand looks a little odd (the fingers to be more specific. Keep it up man!

FeliciaDW said...

Killed the cutesauce. I drew scott go look at it!